Meet Ashley - Founder of Film Mums

We’re cracking open the Hey Baby Print Co. Journal with our very first feature on Melbourne based photographer Ashley Trevisi – Founder of Film Mums. 

I came across Ashley through Instagram and was immediately drawn to her photographic style. Effortless, un-staged, authentic family photography that sparks nostalgia through the skilled use of Analogue 35mm, Medium Format Film 120 and Super 8.

I asked Ash a few questions about how she got started, her vision for Film Mums and any advice for those wanting to get into the industry.

What made you get into photography and how long have you been doing it?

Since I was a 16 year old high school student, is where I feel in love with photography. When I was having trouble at school, I would usually be found with a camera in my hand and printing in the darkroom. This was always my happy place. I cherish how a film photos can capture feelings and transport you back to that same time.

How do you juggle being a parent and being a photographer?

I’ll be honest and say that I’m still looking for that balance. My partner is really supportive, especially since the majority of my sessions are on the weekends. I’ll always prioritise my children, so right now the only times I can work are during naps and many late nights working on galleries.

What is your vision for Film Mums?

To capture mothers in their natural state. Motherhood has really influenced me a lot. Highlighting the beauty found in the ordinary moments that we can often overlook. I want to show and remember all mothers just how incredibly beautiful they are.

What’s your dream shoot location?

In reality, simple at-home sessions are my favorite to capture. I think back on the pictures of my boys when they are young and carefree, skating in the street or cuddling on the couch. I absolutely adore reflecting on those moments since home sessions just evoke so many different emotions.

For anyone wanting to get into photography, what would be your advice?

Simply go for it! Have fun with your camera, whichever one you have. There are no rules when it comes to photography, so start documenting your family and be sure to have them printed or stored in an album. My biggest worry is that our images on our phones will be lost. Make sure you have something to pass down to your children because it will serve as a constant reminder of their childhood.

You can find Ashley through her instagram @film.mums and book through her website www.

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