How long will it take to receive my book?
Once you submit your pics for print, expect the album in your hot little hands no longer than 3 weeks later. We aim for faster… but please allow the full 3 weeks!

How often do I receive a book?
Every three months from birth or if your babe is already racing through their first year, just pick up from their current age. You can send off all your pics and get the full collection in one go if they are already over one!

When do I get the slipcase?
Your slipcase comes with the first book!

Can I gift this?
Heck Yes! What new parent wouldn’t want it! Absolute heirloom gift, one that lasts all year… not grown out of in the first month – Guaranteed. Head to ‘Shop the Collection’ to find out more.

What if my little one is nearly or over one year old? Can I still sign up and get the collection?
Yep! You can create an account at any point and start building your full collection. We will print and ship the whole lot together. OR if you’re babe is 9 months old (for example)… you can submit the first 3 Volumes and the last Volume once they’ve had their first birthday. No hidden shipping costs. We print and post, as you submit.

Where are the books printed?
Our bespoke linen albums are designed, produced and printed in Melbourne.

How big are the books?
Each album is 21X20.5cm (nearly a square)

What is the finish?
Our albums are linen fabric finish with a debossed white foil cover title.
The interior pages are a beautiful 120gsm Mondi.
Mondi is an uncoated super smooth paper suitable for digital printing. The beauty of it is that it gives an uncoated feel, but because of the super smooth finish – holds colour very well.

How many pages are in each book?
Each book has 82 pages.
80 back to back pages of printed images, 1 title page and 1 double sided ‘notes’ page at the back.

How are my images sorted?
Images are placed in your albums in the exact order you select them in!

Can I have multiple images per page?
No, one image per page. This means you get the most out of each image visually. Too many pictures on one page (given the size of the book) would be too crowded. This is why we’ve aloud upto 160 images to be submitted for each Volume – so many pics!

What if I don’t have 160 I want in there?
The app requires a minimum of 140 images to be loaded per Volume. Any less than this and it wont allow you to submit. Why? Because the books require a minimum 70 pages to be able to bind correctly.

How do iPhone pics print?
We developed this app so you can get all those phone pics into print! The app will upload your images in the best possible quality. However we can’t be held responsible for camera/image quality or user error, if the image is blurry from the get go. So keep that in mind when selecting pics!

My images in the app albums look blurry, is that normal?
Yes, completely normal! They will be submitted to our printer in the highest possible quality.

Shipping and Handling:

What carrier do you ship with?
We ship with Australia Post.

What if my book arrives damaged?
If you’re book arrives damaged or faulty – take a couple pictures and email us straight away on contact@heybabyprint.co with your full name and address, we’ll get it sorted for you!

My book hasn’t arrived yet, where is it?
Please allow upto 3 weeks from submission to receive your book/s – if it’s still not arrived after 3 weeks, email us at contact@heybabyprint.co with your full name and address, we’ll track it down!

If there is a burning question you would like answered – we would love to answer it for you!
email us at contact@heybabyprint.co – Chat soon!