what's a collection?

It’s bubs first year all wrapped up, safe and sound in four photo albums.

To help document all bubs developmental stages and milestones we’ve broken the collection into four volumes – each album documenting 3 months.

Your pics are uploaded through the Hey Baby Print Co. App – each album holds 160 images.. that’s 640 images in total. Trust us… you’ll fill these bad boys with ease.

When can I start making my albums?
It doesn’t matter what stage your babe is at – newborn, six months or even one already. you build the albums as you have time and within the stages you’re at. The app breaks down into each Volume so you can upload images for which ever Volume/s you’re working on.

how does it work?

Download the hey baby print co app.
Setup your profile with basic information like shipping details, bubs name and DOB, choose your collection colour and setup payment method.
Start uploading.
In your collection menu you will be able to select what volume you’re building. just upload a couple pics a day, or all in one go if you’re building full albums to catch up. images are uploaded in the best possible quality for printing purposes.
Submit when you’re ready.
Once you’ve uploaded all your images and filled a volume, hit submit. that’s it, super simple.
Once you’ve submitted.
We take care of the rest. Carefully Printing, packing and posting your albums. All albums are printed in Melbourne by our bespoke book printer, carefully packed by our team and shipped via AusPost, straight to your door.